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Introducing Wilhelm Peters Jr, an author with a passion for storytelling and a love for comic books. Wilhelm has created several webcomic titles, including "Your Guide from 9 to 5," "Teccraft," "Mix Soup," and the superhero webcomic "Superior Phalanx."


As a child, Wilhelm developed a deep appreciation for spy and fantasy novels, which fueled his imagination and love for storytelling. His fondness for comic books further inspired him to create his own captivating narratives.


Beyond his creative pursuits, Wilhelm is a devoted husband and father to one daughter. He finds solace and inspiration in the world of music, particularly jazz, movie soundtracks, and instrumental compositions.


Wilhelm's professional journey has taken him through various roles, including working as a cook, maintenance man, and now as a banker. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to pursue his passion for drawing, illustrating, and writing. He often dedicates his days off or trips to the States or the Philippines to visit family as opportunities to focus on his creative endeavors.


In addition to his love for storytelling, Wilhelm is an avid gamer, particularly enjoying superhero video games. His all-time favorite game is City of Heroes. He also admits to having a weakness for coffee and pastries, which fuel his creative energy.


Wilhelm's writing style transports readers to a world where bold heroes possess endearing flaws, where women showcase strength through their natural talents, and where villains defy traditional notions of good and evil. He challenges readers to question the illusion of morality and invites them to explore the complexities of human nature through his captivating narratives.


Stay tuned to Wilhelm Peters Jr's author page for updates on his latest webcomic releases, behind-the-scenes insights, and more. Join him on this exciting journey as he continues to weave tales that captivate and inspire readers.

Wilhelm Peters Jr.
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